Unintentional Exposure

Intersections pull my thoughts into a myriad of memories . . . sometimes events, journeys, vacations are jumbled. What about you? I love to go on mindcations - reliving vacations or encounters, as you close your eyes and listen to favorite music . . . alone or with your lover
. . . his/her memories fuel yours . . . and vice versa
"Intersections: Unintentional Exposure"
Oil on canvas 12x24" $600-

"Intersections: Unintentional Exposure"


Intersections: Anticipation

Contemplating form excites me, contemplating line - how each line intersects the next producing negative areas in turn creating stories . . . excites me - knowing I am past painting an object excites me because now . . . there are no boundaries. I have stepped over my boundaries.
"Intersections: Anticipation" 18x24 oil on canvas  $600

Intersections: Morning Incident

My first series is "Intersections" as in roads, but seeking a deeper interpretation, or analogy, for relationships between people, ideas, lines, shapes. The titles give only a slight hint at interpretation so the viewer can more thoroughly immerse themselves in the story.

"Intersections: Morning Incident" 30x36" oil on canvas  $1450-


since awakening at 530am this morning my eyes grow heavy thinking only of sunbathed coats of my feline friends ali and trix. they know where the magic is. they have found the answer. I will join them.

530am found me

this morning found me awake at 530am relishing the calm - somehow I need to find this again for my time, my thoughts, my movement - lines shapes negative space color black.