Zen Fen

This large abstract painting began many months ago - the transitions it has taken are quite like my writing - I simply listened and painted - stopped - waited - then painted some more. You can see the many layers in the detail shown below. I love the subtle transitions, the underlayers peeking through, the random spots, like claw marks or windows in an old building. It is neither or both. What is "Fen?"
"Zen Fen" 30x36" oil on canvas $1200.00.
If you're interested contact jennifer@evenhusfineart.com and I'll send a PayPal invoice. See detail below.



"Flashback" is the second in the "Abstract Challenge" on our site http://www.studioartists.ning.com/ using a photograph to begin with and letting your abstract muse loose! I quite like this one. It went through a ton of changes, layers, and scrubbing. You can see the many layers if you look close ! 6x6" $200.00 SOLD


"Gossip" is a small abstract done for the Abstract Challenge on http://www.studioartists.ning.com/ where the artists are given a painting challenge and guidelines, and are asked to post the finished painting. This is pastel on LaCarte card - 6x6."
"Gossip" 6x6" pastel on LaCarte card. $100.00 unframed. First person to email jennifer@evenhusfinart.com claims the painting and will be sent an invoice with shipping and tax included. Please put "Gossip" in the memo line of your email.


Rare Ramblings

"Rare Ramblings" 24x24" oil on canvas. This painting began as a plein air piece (see below). Because the composition was lousy and the color was weak, I spent another 4 hours in the studio working on it. As promised, I slapped black paint onto the canvas, all but obliterating most of the design. How fun was that! Woke the next morning to find it was not "all that" and dove in, transforming the composition, scrubbing off much of the middle black area, and recreating a painting, remembering the scene in my head, as I hadn't shot any photos. This is what I ended with.
$750.00  SOLD


Abstract Morphing

Untitled for now, this piece was done yesterday on location (en plein air). I like some parts of this piece but am wanting to add some black somewhere and take out some of the red, possibly the green at top. This is a larger piece at 24x24" oil on canvas.


Lateral Retort

This painting began as a 1" thumbnail sketch. Loved the movement, the 'intersections' of line and form. Keeping with my theme of "Intersections" I moved color around until it was pleasing and a bit subdued. I think I scrubbed off more paint than I left on the surface, one reason oil painting can be an expensive endeavor.

Love the subtle transitions between areas in lower left and how the dash of blue in the middle pulls everything together.
"Intersections - Lateral Retort" 24x24" oil on canvas  $750-


Raven Writers Under a Full Moon

Artists often have more than one passion. I am blessed with many. Writing is one of those. Our writer's group, Raven Writers, met last night at the charming home of one of our members.

Stories of a cross-country bicycle trip, echoed in a thin journal describe the contemplation of road kill cooked over an open flame to satiate continual hunger; the camaraderie of a recent college grad who rode for Lupus awareness; and the effort to pitch a tent after a grueling climb up a Montana pass.

Ideas flowed like the blueberry wine we shared, lighting the spark of inspiration we craved after the drought of summer. Andirondack chairs were soon pulled into a cozy circle as dark enveloped us, only voices visible under a cloud shrouded full moon.

I vowed to write more letters as we spoke of how personal they are to give and receive, to keep and reflect, to pass on to friends, family. Who will be first?

My mind is overflowing with inspiration, ideas, hope that I barely slept last night. I can hardly wait for the offerings promised for September.


Unintentional Exposure

Intersections pull my thoughts into a myriad of memories . . . sometimes events, journeys, vacations are jumbled. What about you? I love to go on mindcations - reliving vacations or encounters, as you close your eyes and listen to favorite music . . . alone or with your lover
. . . his/her memories fuel yours . . . and vice versa
"Intersections: Unintentional Exposure"
Oil on canvas 12x24" $600-

"Intersections: Unintentional Exposure"


Intersections: Anticipation

Contemplating form excites me, contemplating line - how each line intersects the next producing negative areas in turn creating stories . . . excites me - knowing I am past painting an object excites me because now . . . there are no boundaries. I have stepped over my boundaries.
"Intersections: Anticipation" 18x24 oil on canvas  $600

Intersections: Morning Incident

My first series is "Intersections" as in roads, but seeking a deeper interpretation, or analogy, for relationships between people, ideas, lines, shapes. The titles give only a slight hint at interpretation so the viewer can more thoroughly immerse themselves in the story.

"Intersections: Morning Incident" 30x36" oil on canvas  $1450-


since awakening at 530am this morning my eyes grow heavy thinking only of sunbathed coats of my feline friends ali and trix. they know where the magic is. they have found the answer. I will join them.

530am found me

this morning found me awake at 530am relishing the calm - somehow I need to find this again for my time, my thoughts, my movement - lines shapes negative space color black.