Ode to Saturn's moon Iapetus

" Journeys: Saturn's Iapetus"
24x24" oil on canvas. This is an interesting piece that evolved through many phases, painting out sections, scrubbing the surface, coaxing the image to the surface. Feedback is welcome.



Really enjoyed the process with this one. There are many layers of paint and layers of contemplation that went into this. Love the colors and movement. This is a diptych (2 canvases).

30x72" overall size. "Interlude" $2400.00
If you are interested in purchasing this piece contact jennifer@evenhusfineart.com to discuss delivery in local area or shipping options.


Journeys - Parallel Thoughts

"Journeys - Parallel Thoughts" 30x30" oil on linen $1200
First person to email jennifer@evenhusfineart.com claims the painting and will be emailed
an invoice with shipping and tax added. Please put the title in the subject line of email.

Journeys - Convergence

"Journeys - Convergence" 30x30" oil on linen $1200
If you are interested in this piece, email jennifer@evenhusfineart.com to claim the painting. Shipping and tax will be added. Please put the title in the subject line.


Evenhus Abstract Demo - painting in progress

I am working on a couple large abstracts at the same time. My "Journey's" series. Here is the first one in progress. I will post a completed version later.