Sunset On a Country Road in Oils

"Sunset On a Country Road"  Oil 30x36" after the pastel painting of same name...
So excited to have completed this large oil - it is taken from the pastel painting I did En Plein Air last summer. I like how this turned out - it's very similar yet has evolved into a richer, more dominant piece.
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Sunset On a Country Road

This is a plein air piece done Saturday in the foothills above Spokane. Love using pastels for abstracts. Using landscape objects as reference to begin an abstract piece is totally fun because with abstract painting you are not locked into what is in front of you. You can move things around, change the colors, play with values and create magic!

9x12" pastel on Wallis

Blue Birds Over Mustard Field

This is the second plein air piece done Saturday in the foothills above Spokane. I was driving around looking for a scene to paint. I drove up a hill and looked around. Nothing really struck me until I turned all the way around and saw the mustard fields below me. I knew I wanted to paint this scene but I also knew it had to be abstract. I wanted to capture the "feeling" of the place. The "soul" of the place. I paused for a while letting the air seep into my skin. The sweet aroma of just-cut alfalfa brought back childhood memories.

Charcoal in hand, I placed a line, a smudge, a curve. Using the mustard field as my impetus, the place became mine.

9x12" pastel on Wallis