Rare Ramblings

"Rare Ramblings" 24x24" oil on canvas. This painting began as a plein air piece (see below). Because the composition was lousy and the color was weak, I spent another 4 hours in the studio working on it. As promised, I slapped black paint onto the canvas, all but obliterating most of the design. How fun was that! Woke the next morning to find it was not "all that" and dove in, transforming the composition, scrubbing off much of the middle black area, and recreating a painting, remembering the scene in my head, as I hadn't shot any photos. This is what I ended with.
$750.00  SOLD


Abstract Morphing

Untitled for now, this piece was done yesterday on location (en plein air). I like some parts of this piece but am wanting to add some black somewhere and take out some of the red, possibly the green at top. This is a larger piece at 24x24" oil on canvas.